We carry a large selection of Freshwater fishes, invertebrate and amphibians for  your aquarium. 

Here at Tropiquatics we have everything from small/dwarf fishes for your nano tanks to large Cichlids, Gars and Arowanas for your monster tanks

We pride ourselves in searching for the rarest, while providing a vast assortment for your taste in size, color ,quantity and quality. Advanced, just beginning, or trying to go to the next level, we would like to assist you in your aquarium journey.

We make sure to stock healthy and quality specimens so the effort you put into your aquarium is the most enjoyable.

Small list of what we carry, both domestic and wild:

- Bettas

- Rasboras

- Tetras

- Danios

- Lungfish

- Eels

- Puffers

- Plecos

- Rams

- Stingrays

- Gouramis

- Apistos

- Angelfish

- Discus

- Arowanas

- Viejas

- Green/Red Terror

- Texas/Carpinte

- Parrots

- Flowerhorns

- Umbee

- Gars

- Knife Fish

- Loaches

- Sharks

- Catfishes

Just a few to give you an idea. Our stock is always changing so inquire for latest updates and information.

Please contact us for availability and quantity, as stock is always changing.